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Spare parts, oils, tyres... everything you need for your vehicle repair and maintenance operations are on Partakus, the only online marketplace that lists your favourite wholesalers and distributors to make your daily searches easier and faster.


Finding the best offer for 1 piece is on average:
20 minutes of research, 7 websites, 6 phone calls,
4 on-hold music, 2 missed calls...


With Parts Advisor, 2 minutes is all it takes. Get more time and freedom!

The most accurate documentation on the market to identify your parts

Wide choice of original parts, compatible parts, reuse parts, tires...

Visualization of stocks and availability around your workshop

Save time & money by choosing the best offer

Send your quote requests to your favorite distributors in 30 seconds

Download the Partakus mobile application to create and send accurate, complete and documented quotation requests in just 3 steps:

    1. Scan the vehicle registration by optical recognition
    2. Include a voice message to explain your need
    3. Choose the distributors to whom you wish to send your request for a quote

A notification notifies you as soon as your seller has answered you, all you have to do is place an order!

With you to simplify your daily life

History of your orders and vehicles

A customer service team at your disposal by phone and chat

Simple returns management directly on the platform