Who are we?

Our story:

Partakus is the result of the shared vision of three automotive professionals who saw the increasing difficulties facing garages. Together, they are betting that technology can simplify their daily lives and save them time in order to focus on their core business and their customers.

In 2016, they are building a team and creating the first independent marketplace offering parts and services to garages. The project was first tested in Italy with several distributors and more than a thousand garages. The numerous exchanges with these first users made it possible to develop the most relevant functionalities and services. This collaboration now makes it possible to offer a tool whose accuracy and ease of use have been validated by garages. Partakus is already used in France, Spain and Italy.


Our ambition:

to use technology to meet all the needs of garages, and first and foremost that of receiving the right parts in a few hours. Speed made possible by the "collaborative supply chain", in other words, the networking of the best regional distributors chosen for their complementarity and quality of service.


Our vision:

At Partakus, we believe deeply in the added value of existing players in the sector, and in particular the independent local distributors who provide day-to-day service to repairers. The latter are today the first to be threatened by the sometimes sudden arrival of new players (pure players and groupings) that generate tension on margins. In order to protect them, Partakus offers these distributors a means of coming together and strengthening themselves through better exposure of their brand and offering, and of developing their business by acquiring new customers.